zoning ordinance

Eureka Township planners back new zoning ordinance

Township Board will vote on amended ordinance in May

Having spent more than a year working on revisions and updates to the township’s zoning ordinance, Eureka Township Planning Commission Chairman Duane Putnam was excited to reach a resolution Wednesday evening.

After numerous meetings in which members of the commission discussed every element of the 257-page ordinance, members of the Commission voted unanimously Wednesday evening to recommend approval of the updated ordinance to the Eureka Township Board.

Eureka Township planners continue to evaluate draft of updated zoning ordinance

For more than a year, Eureka Township planners have chipped away at updating the township’s zoning ordinance, but Wednesday evening, that effort reached a tipping point for some. 

Bloomer Township Planning Commission tweaking wind turbine noise limits

The Bloomer Township Planning Commission is working with their attorney to make turbine sound limits more restrictive in their pending wind ordinance.

Eureka Township awaiting wind ordinance recommendations

As officials come close to updating this township’s 200-plus page zoning ordinance, one element of that ordinance continues to be discussed and reviewed — wind energy. 

The Eureka Township Planning Commission has spent more than a year working to update “Ordinance 79” — a 251-page document containing all of the township’s zoning laws.