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‘I Can Fly’ event coming to Greenville airport

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The Young Eagles “I Can Fly” event is coming to the Greenville Municipal Airport on June 11, 2022 with free plane rides.

Greenville area students ages 8 to 17 are invited. A legal parent or guardian is required to register, sign a consent form and hopefully witness the flight. 

Young Eagles event returns to Greenville Municipal Airport

On Sept. 25, the Greenville Area Aviation Association hosted the 14th “I Can Fly” event at the Greenville Municipal Airport.

“This year, we were anticipating maybe 80 Young Eagles students for a variety of reasons, however, 182 registered during the event and we had to recruit two additional EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) pilots from our tarmac ground crew to accommodate the large number of participants,” said logistics team leader Julie Butler. “Our pilot team — Tom Cameron, Jason Grimm, Brett Hallihan, Ray Huckleberry, Kris Kropf, Carl Moore, Chase Nobis, Denny Powell and Kirk Warner — demonstrated their support for the program as they started flights early or stayed late to ensure all were able to fly.”