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Daily News FOIA of Pine Township reveals wind energy thoughts from 3 law firms

When the Pine Township supervisor recommended in September to hire a specific law firm to handle wind energy ordinance-related work, the decision appeared to have been all but finalized days earlier.

Meanwhile, the attorney for the law firm that Pine Township later actually voted to hire shared candid thoughts about “the growing debate in communities across Michigan and around the country about the extent to which municipalities can and should regulate through zoning the construction and operation of wind energy farms” and added, “because wind energy companies have deep pockets, litigation is a real possibility if a wind energy company is denied the ability to operate.”

When pressed, Pine Township supervisor says current law firm recommended another law firm to handle wind ordinance

A recommendation for a new law firm to assist with Pine Township’s wind energy ordinance came from the township’s current law firm —which is currently representing a wind energy developer looking to construct turbines within the township.