Stanton considering changing water and sewer shutoff dates from monthly to quarterly

City officials are considering changing the shutoff dates for water and sewer services from monthly to quarterly, although billing dates would remain the same despite the potential change.

Currently, Stanton residents are billed monthly for water and sewage usage. Bills are mailed out by the 15th of every month, with payment due by the 5th of the following month.

Furnace vs garden hose

Would you like to know what a garden hose and a furnace have in common? Nothing, other than stress and repairs.

Greenville City Council approves wastewater rate hike

16% increase is first of three to help pay for $24 million wastewater plant project

When residents receive their wastewater bills later this year, they can expect to see an increase in cost — a trend expected to continue for three years.

In return, Greenville will see the completion of the largest municipal project in its history — a $24 million renovation and expansion project of the wastewater treatment facility.

The Greenville City Council voted unanimously on March 2, with Commissioner Jay Linton absent, to increase the current sewer rate by 16%, effective July 1.