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GUEST VIEW: Virtual schools are a lifeline for students, we can’t cut funding

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For growing numbers of Michigan students and families, virtual learning is much more than just a fleeting pandemic necessity. The convenience, customization and flexibility of being able to get a high-quality education from experienced and dedicated state-certified teachers in the comfort and security of their own home is a true game-changer.

The new normal in teaching

Area educators discuss experiences, lessons learned as a result of the pandemic

On Friday, March 13, 2020, the world of education was flipped upside down.

At the time, virtual learning was a convenient option for students who wished to dual enroll or take on a course through platforms such as Michigan Virtual High School or Apex Learning. While many schools were transitioning to becoming 1-to-1 with devices and students, little thought was given to transitioning an entire school year to a virtual platform.