GAIL WHELAN: Celebrate National Love a Tree Day on Monday

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National Love A Tree Day is celebrated every year on May 16.

Where is the oldest tree in the U.S.? The Bristlecone Pine tree in California’s White Mountains at an estimated 5,000 years.

An asset or a liability?

Greenville City Council sidesteps tree-removal request, asks DDA to create plan to remove and replace all downtown locust trees ‘in 3 to 5 years’

In reviewing a request to remove a single tree from the city’s historic downtown district, officials are asking more time and thought be given to such a decision. 

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Greenville City Council, City Manager George Bosanic presented a recommendation from the Greenville Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to remove a locust tree within the city right-of-way in front of Flo’s Pizzeria Ristorante & Sports Bar on S. Lafayette Street (M-91). 

Otisco Township supervisor and residents are at odds over tree removal

A battle is heating up in this northern Ionia County community of around 2,300 people between the township supervisor and at least a handful of residents.

The flashpoint is trees — 10 of them — on the grounds of the Otisco Township Hall, located at 9663 W. Button Road.. Supervisor Desmond Pike wants to trim some, and cut down others.

Michigan’s oak trees face danger from deadly oak wilt

Oaks are a valuable component to Michigan’s natural resources, as recognized by the Governor’s Proclamation that May is Oak Wilt Awareness Month.