Trail hub

Greenville City Council applies for grant to create trail hub at Jackson’s Landing

Members of the Greenville City Council are hopeful a grant request could lead to a complete transformation of Jackson’s Landing, creating a trail hub in the process. 

Creating a ‘trail hub’

With three trails merging at Jackson’s Landing, Greenville city manager eyes grant funding to create proper trail hub

Christened more than 45 years ago, Jackson’s Landing has long served as a launching point for canoeists and kayakers who desire for a trip down the shallow and scenic Flat River.

Originally celebrated on May 17, 1976, the land along the east bank of the river was gifted to the city by actress Mary Jackson, who in honoring the wishes of her late brother, R.E. “Bill” Jackson, deeded to the city what was previously 1.3 acres of land south of E. Washington Street (M-57) that he had owned, to specifically be used as a canoe launch.