Kirsti Dickinson finds her passion while a student at MCC

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Kirsti Dickinson got an unexpected education at Montcalm Community College.  

While she planned to take her general education courses at the college where her mom works, she didn’t expect that general classroom interactions with two of her instructors would help her find a career she is passionate about. 

MACC: Learning from a ‘teacher’s point of view’

Nearly certain she wanted to work toward a career as a teacher, Greenville High School senior Kylie Roberts, 17, was unsure what path might best put her in a situation to move forward on that goal two years ago.

Now after having gained a fair amount of real-world experience in a classroom setting, Roberts is thanking herself for having enrolled in the Education Careers program at the Montcalm Area Career Center in helping to solidify her decision of wanting to teach children.