Two-thirds of Pine Township surveys say ‘no’ to large wind turbines

A majority of Pine Township residents who completed a wind energy survey do not want large wind turbines in the community, period.

Pine Township officials mailed out 950 wind energy surveys with 13 questions to township landowners and received 311 surveys back. Although the deadline to respond was May 26, the township has not posted the surveys online or made them public yet. The Daily News submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the surveys, for which the newspaper was charged $62.50.

Pine Township residents voice concerns about ‘secretive’ wind surveys

311 of 950 wind surveys were returned to township, but some people say they never received one

Of the 950 wind energy surveys sent out in the township, only 311 were returned, and multiple people say they never even received one.

Meanwhile, the survey results will not be made public until at least mid-July.

Pine Township mails out 950 wind energy surveys

A total of 950 surveys were mailed out to landowners and taxpayers in Pine Township on Monday requesting feedback regarding wind energy systems.

The responses to the 13 questions (see accompanying infobox) will be made public and will also be considered by township officials as they decide whether to amend the township’s wind energy ordinance which hasn’t been updated since 2016. The surveys are due back to the township by May 26.