TIM SKUBICK: A rare peek inside the quadrant

Candidate for governor Rick Snyder proved that he was a non-career politician when he was hit right between the eyeballs with a question he knew nothing about.

“If you are elected governor, will you use the quadrant system?” Chris Christoff of the Free Press asked during Mr. Snyder’s first appearance on “Off the Record” before the 2010 election.

TIM SKUBICK: Who’s in control of a return to normal in Michigan? You

You don’t want to wear a mask? Get a COVID shot and you don’t have to.

You want more fans to watch the Tigers lose? Get a shot and you can.

You’re dying to get back to work in the office? Roll up your sleeve.

TIM SKUBICK: Lawmakers should take their medicine

If you can remember back that far, think about when you were a teenager and your parents catch you drunk with a dent in the old man’s car. You are smart enough to know that they have the power to unilaterally imposed a severe punishment on you but because they love you, they suggest the three of you work out a penalty together.