Ionia school board OKs more security cameras

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The Ionia Public Schools Board of Education did some hiring, approved security improvements and received a financial audit during Monday’s meeting.

The board voted to approve installing more Aviglion security cameras and vape detection systems in all buildings throughout the district. The additional units will cover areas not currently surveilled remotely.

Montcalm County officials discuss making security improvements to Admin Building

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Montcalm County officials are looking at making some security improvements to the county Administrative Building, the historic old courthouse up on the hill in downtown Stanton.

Controller-Administrator Brenda Taeter reported during an Oct. 11 county board committee meeting that the topic keeps coming up in department head meetings.

Ionia school board approves security measures, safety plans

Two weeks after a shooting at Oxford High School that killed four students and injured seven people, safety and security matters dominated the agenda at Monday’s Ionia Public Schools Board of Education meeting. The regular board meeting was rescheduled from Dec. 20 due to upcoming holiday school closures.

The school board approved the purchase and installation of a new security camera system and vape detection system with sinking funds.