AMISH COOK: A bittersweet Mother’s Day

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“Happy Mother’s day!” It was Julia, sleepily walking out of the bedroom holding, Gumdrop, her pet miniature poodle. Snuggling up next to me on the couch, we shared a hug. There were mixed feelings as I thought of the day ahead. Daniel had always been sure to show me how much he appreciated having me mother his children. This year, no Daniel.

SPRING HOME & GARDEN: Adding flowers into this year’s vegetable garden mix

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of spring.

Thankfully, the weather finally seems to have turned a corner for the better. In the meantime, I’ve got my garden seeds sprouting on my kitchen window ledge.

AMISH COOK: Breakfast is the whole enchilada

Breakfast menus are on my hit list.

What is better than fresh, steaming pancakes or buttery biscuits straight from the oven topped with sausage gravy? My mom had a breakfast specialty: Gold Rush Brunch, which she would make with layers of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese sauce and shredded potatoes. Then there were those rare occasions when we children cheered with delight when she made an egg in a nest for each of us. Some morning we had homemade or store boughten cereals. To us, homemade chocolate cake and chopped strawberries were a hit with almost any cereal.

AMISH COOK: Partly cloudy with a chance of meatball sub casserole

Tonight I held a baggie with Austin’s first tooth, which just came out.

I felt a wave of joy but then a tug of sadness. How can it be? Is my little boy growing up that fast?

AMISH COOK: The Yoders cut out for cookies

Only last week I remarked to Daniel how blessed I am to not have been sick much these last years since we were blessed with more children through foster care and adoption.

You guessed it. Today I am on the tally of sick folks. How is a mom supposed to be sick? I mean, who will do the zillion little things that go unnoticed till Mom doesn’t do it? Then there’s school. First graders, especially require tons of drills. Austin loves learning and does very well with school work, but for his sake and long term perspective, it requires lots of drills.

AMISH COOK: Mom pinch hits for Gloria

Cheery greetings to everyone. This is Gloria’s Mom, Dorcas Raber. With the holidays looming and her being a busy Mom, she could use some extra time to regroup and refresh so I will fill in for her this week.

It’s early morning, and I am having quiet time. Some of my favorite times in life are the times I rise early, make a cup of coffee, and relax with my Bible and journal. Somehow, it flows better with a pen and paper, to express my thoughts, or write prayers of Bible verses that are especially meaningful. The house is quiet, and God is near.

AMISH COOK: Something fishy at the Yoders

Julia and I were making several types of energy balls when Daddy walked into the kitchen announcing his plans to head back to the pond and tackle his project of seining out the large catfish before winter.

“Mom, may I go back and watch?” Julia wanted to know

AMISH COOK: Praying for Haiti

Good morning. As I gaze out the west window the full moon hangs in all its splendor. As always I stand in awe how it is not altered even a tad in the midst of the rocking changes and uncertainties of the world. Take this, the moon has no light of its own. It merrily reflects the sun. Amazing. That’s just how I want to be — no light of my own, but unshakably reflecting the Lord through the adverse seasons of life.

AMISH COOK: When God provides in simple ways

I was working in the kitchen, making lunch when I realized our supply of home-canned chicken was almost all gone.

On homeschooling days I always go for simple menus for lunch. Canned pinto or black beans with onions and chicken have been a hit at our house ever since a friend shared some of hers with us several years ago. Thinking how I’ll miss not having chicken and beans to serve alongside butternut squash or a tossed salad I told God how much I’d enjoy having chicken to can with beans. Since we hadn’t raised our own broilers this year and I didn’t care for the thought of buying hormone injected meat, I wasn’t sure where to find some. Time and again when I thought about it, I just told God that in His time we’d like to have some chicken for the family.

AMISH COOK: The apples of Gloria’s eyes

Do you know the feeling of just going through your house, emptying closets, cleaning out drawers, then wondering how you ever ended up with markers in a clothes drawer or a butter knife in the bathroom? Things get mysteriously shuffled at our house. Even putting that aside there’s always a need of sorting through another drawer, getting rid of unneeded items or getting out bigger sizes for our growing children.