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GUEST VIEW: What is your local government trying to hide?

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For over a decade, lobbyists for local governments including Michigan Townships, Michigan Counties and the Michigan Municipal League have been on a mission to pull public notices out of newspapers and put them on municipal websites, which, at best are not heavily used, but often are shoddy or don’t exist.

Questions raised about Douglass Township public notices, deputy treasurer votes

The Douglass Township Board did not properly publish notices of budget meetings/hearings recently, leading to multiple rescheduled meetings.

Also, the township’s deputy treasurer voted multiple times at the last regular board meeting — something state law forbids.

Douglass Township facing questions about improperly noticed, never-published 2017 wind ordinance

A wind energy ordinance approved in Douglass Township more than four years ago was apparently improperly noticed and never published, leaving it “null and void” according to an attorney working on behalf of township residents.

However, the township’s attorney calls it “much ado about nothing.”

Pierson Township switches to the Daily News for public notices


In response to multiple residents complaining they weren’t aware of a proposed wind turbine project for Montcalm County until just recently, the Pierson Township Board is switching to the county’s longtime newspaper of record for publishing public notices.