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‘Safe Prom Experience’ celebrated by Greenville High School students

Peeking into the large barn at Frugthaven Farm, Holly Rasmussen couldn’t help but take one more picture of her son, Chance Warden, 18, as he and his girlfriend prepared to head off to prom in Grand Rapids. 

As the barn’s door came to a close and Rasmussen made her exit, she felt relieved after seeing how happy her son was to also be among friends, gathered in a safe environment prior to prom. 

Greenville students create new concept to ensure a ‘safe prom experience’

What began with a Sunday afternoon email sent to a high school principal has resulted in a group of Greenville High School students ensuring that this weekend’s senior prom will be a little different — and more importantly, safer — for many of the teens seeking to create some life-long memories.

Prom-inent party

Greenville students let loose with return of senior prom held outdoors following a year with no school social events

After more than a year of enduring periods of quarantine and attending school with social distancing measures, temperature checks and mandatory mask-wearing, students at Greenville High School were finally able to enjoy a night together while letting loose on the dance floor.

On Saturday evening the first school-organized event aside from a sport or limited-attendance concert or theater production returned in the form of the senior prom.