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Ex-police chief sues Stanton

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Destinee Bryce alleges gender and height discrimination

For the second time in her law enforcement career, a police officer is suing her former employer for height and gender discrimination after being fired.

Destinee Bryce filed a federal lawsuit on Aug. 4 in the U.S. District Court Western District of Michigan against the city of Stanton and City Manager Jacob VanBoxel alleging gender and height discrimination in violation of 42 USC 1983, the Fourteenth Amendment and the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act. The lawsuit alleges that Bryce is a member of a protected class based on her gender and height (she is 4-foot-7-inches tall).

Belding to hire Ionia County Sheriff’s sergeant as new police chief

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This city in the process of finalizing the search for a new police chief

After the retirement of Belding police chief Dale Nelson, 69, a little less than two months ago, the city has been on the lookout to fill Nelson’s place. After a lengthy interview process to find the best fit, one candidate emerged — and Ionia County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dion Sower is “over the moon” about being able to potentially work in his hometown again.

Carson City sells property, hires new police chief

Last month, the Carson City Council approved putting two parcels of city property up for sale. This month, the council approved the sale of one.

The one property received only one sealed bid, while the other had no bids, but later had a person of interest inquire

Home Township police chief lands dream job in his own backyard

Anthony “Tony” Keller thought he’d stay in Carson City as its police chief for another 10 years or so before retiring — as many officers do — around the age of 55.

There was only one job that would entice the 43-year-old to leave, and that was a job in his own community of neighboring Home Township.