Village of Pierson planning $2.4 million sewer project

Village of Pierson officials are hoping federal and state grants will help mitigate the cost of a planned $2.4 million sewer project.

The tiny village on the far northwest side of Montcalm County’s Panhandle is home to less than 200 people, and accordingly the Village Council is mostly a family affair.

Pierson Township officials offer to help village of Pierson with zoning

The village of Pierson and the township of Pierson have historically had a bit of a touchy relationship.

One example — since the tiny village doesn’t have an online presence, the township clerk began posting village contact information and Village Council meeting minutes on the township’s website as a free service. The Village Council voted to ask the township to stop.

Howard City, Pierson officials hoping to see 29 miles of White Pine Trail paved

While Howard City enjoys a paved section of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail Linear State Park running through the village, the trail remains gravel north and south of Montcalm County’s Panhandle area.

Howard City and Pierson Township officials are hoping a portion of the state of Michigan’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) money can change that.