Open Meetings Act violation

Maple Valley Township supervisor acquitted of Open Meetings Act charge

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The Maple Valley Township supervisor was acquitted of an alleged Open Meetings Act violation on Thursday.

John Schwandt was found not guilty in a verdict announced by Montcalm County District Court Judge Adam Eggleston, as the afternoon’s trial was a bench trial instead of a jury trial at the request of Schwandt and his attorney, George “Pete” Frye of Greenville. The judge said that while Schwandt may have violated the Open Meetings Act, it could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he did it intentionally.

Montcalm Township voting precincts will not be split following missed deadlines, ‘suspicious’ resolution 

An effort to expand this township’s voting precincts from one to two will not come to fruition due to a combination of missed deadlines and a possibly-forged document submitted by the township clerk. 

Maple Valley Township supervisor facing recall is charged with violating Open Meetings Act

John Schwandt summoned to appear in Montcalm County District Court

The Maple Valley Township supervisor, who is facing a possible recall, is now charged with violating the Open Meetings Act and must appear in court.

John Schwandt adjourned a township board meeting in the middle of public comment despite protests from audience members on Oct. 11, 2021.