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Bloomer Township Planning Commission tables wind ordinance, again

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 The Bloomer Township Planning Commission continues to be in no hurry to vote on a wind and solar energy ordinance.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing Wednesday evening on the draft ordinance — the second public hearing that’s been held on the matter.

Montcalm County Planning Commission members unhappy with lack of township unity

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Some members of the Montcalm County Planning Commission are growing weary of reviewing draft township ordinances and hearing public comment on the matter — if indeed a township even bothers to provide them with a draft in the first place.

The ongoing wind and solar controversy appear to have become the final straw for county planners, but the issue goes back even further and stems from a lack of participation from some townships.

GUEST VIEW: Have Montcalm County planners lost their way?

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Historically the Montcalm County Planning Commission has encouraged townships to preserve the natural beauty and rural character of our community. However, over the past year, commission members have been critical of wind ordinances developed by Sidney, Pine, and Maple Valley townships that were designed to do just that.

Montcalm County Planning Commission praises Winfield Township wind ordinance, recommends changes to Maple Valley Township ordinance

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Members of the Montcalm County Planning Commission praised a wind energy ordinance drafted for Winfield Township, even though a voter referendum effort will likely begin the moment the ordinance is approved.

The county Planning Commission, which met on Monday to review draft wind ordinances for both Winfield and Maple Valley townships, reviews township ordinances in an advisory capacity only and provides feedback to those townships.

County vision

Montcalm County planners begin process of updating general plan, brainstorm ways to communicate better with municipalities

The Montcalm County Planning Commission is in the process of updating its general plan, which hasn’t been revised in nearly a decade.

Meanwhile, some local municipalities don’t even appear to be aware of the purpose of the county Planning Commission (PC).

Montcalm County Planning Commission suggests changes to Belvidere Township wind ordinance

The Montcalm County Planning Commission had an overall complimentary response to Belvidere Township’s proposed wind energy ordinance.

The county Planning Commission reviewed the draft ordinance on Monday, which was recommended by that township’s Planning Commission on March 8 for approval by the township board.

Montcalm County planners voice concerns about Pine Township’s proposed wind ordinance

Nine months ago, the Montcalm County Planning Commission met to review Sidney Township’s wind ordinance and determined it was “too restrictive.”

On Monday, the county Planning Commission met to review Pine Township’s wind ordinance — which is mostly based on Sidney’s — and reached the same conclusion.

Montcalm County Planning Commission to organize on Tuesday


The Montcalm County Planning Commission will meet for its annual organizational meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

The meeting is open to the public and will take place on the third floor of the Montcalm County Administrative Building in Stanton.

Montcalm County planners not interested in hosting wind, solar training sessions

Wind and solar energy are the two hottest zoning topics in Montcalm County these days.

They’re also two topics the Montcalm County Planning Commission wants to avoid when it comes to scheduling future educational zoning training sessions.

Montcalm County planners voice concerns about Sidney Township’s proposed wind ordinance

Montcalm County Planning Commission sends comments to the Sidney Township Board

Sidney Township’s proposed wind ordinance is “too restrictive” and might “put the township in jeopardy” according to one Montcalm County planning commissioner.

The Montcalm County Planning Commission met on Monday afternoon for the first time since August 2020. The main items on the agenda were a review of Sidney Township’s proposed wind and solar ordinance.