montcalm county district court

Montcalm County District Court offers bench warrant amnesty now through May 31


Montcalm County District Court is offering an amnesty program now through May 31 regarding bench warrants to individuals who have outstanding fines and costs associated with criminal or civil complaints.

The amnesty is only offered to those who have already been sentenced or have outstanding civil infractions and have outstanding fines and costs and now have bench warrants for failing to pay. On any other matter pending in District Court, amnesty is at the court’s discretion.

‘Education changes lives’

Montcalm County judge, MCC launch education specialty court, first of its kind in Michigan

Jeremiah Moore joined the Marine Corps right out of high school, was deployed and served in Afghanistan, then returned home to Lakeview in 2014.

He started working in a series of dead-end jobs and got into some trouble, which introduced him to the court system. He developed a bit of a drinking problem. One night, he was “highly intoxicated” and got into an altercation with his brother, ending up in jail.

Montcalm County hires soon-to-be attorney as District Court magistrate

The vacant position of Montcalm County District Court attorney magistrate is being filled by a candidate who is studying to pass the bar exam.

Montcalm County commissioners earlier this month voted to repost the magistrate position at a salary of $70,000 after the initial job posting at $54,000 failed to attract any qualified applicants.