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MIKE MCALVEY: Working remotely

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Are you working “remotely” these days?

There are many a number of people in our community who are doing so, and it is becoming quite a trend. Many companies are seeing great advantages of having their employees work remotely, and many employees in turn are jumping at the opportunity to be able to stay at home to work.

MIKE MCALVEY: Where were you?

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It is deer hunting season, and social media is flourishing with pictures and stories of trophies taken and days spent in the field.

While the taking of these magnificent animals is often the focus of the experience, what is often most interesting is the story behind it.

MIKE MCALVEY: Summer job

These summer days are fascinating ones for me as a youth pastor. After many years of ministry with teens, I find myself walking in their shoes. I get a little depressed thinking about school starting in the fall. During the school year, I root for snow days. I do that happy dance when school is out for the summer, and I find myself intrigued watching young people do the tough balancing act of adding to their lives a summer job (or a year-round job for that matter). Invariably, I get called several times in the early spring to be a reference for a teen seeking a summer job. I find it to be a great opportunity with enough challenges that make it a worthwhile venture for every teen.