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Crystal Township precinct delegate alleges statewide election fraud, but faces questions about her own primary residency

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 Kodeen Reyne Sowers lambasted the Michigan Board of Canvassers on Monday over what she claims was a fraudulent election on Nov. 8.

Sowers, 59, was elected as a precinct delegate for Crystal Township in the August primary election. Even as Sowers is alleging statewide election fraud, her own claimed primary residency in Crystal Township is in question.

Michigan Tax Tribunal rules in favor of city of Ionia in library tax dispute

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The Michigan Tax Tribunal this week ruled in favor of the city of Ionia regarding a tax dispute with Ionia Community Library and two former bank properties.

The library filed a petition with the Tax Tribunal on Aug. 9 — exactly one week after Ionia-area voters turned down a library millage request by just 36 votes in the August primary election.

Michigan Tax Tribunal partially reinstates Ferris Township tax dispute case

The Michigan Tax Tribunal on Wednesday denied a Texas oil and gas company’s motion for reconsideration in a Ferris Township tax dispute, but partially reinstated the case relative to a question of qualified error at the township’s Board of Review level.

Texas oil/gas company appeals Tax Tribunal ruling regarding Ferris Township property

W. B. Osborn is appealing the Michigan Tax Tribunal’s ruling that the Texas oil and gas company failed to comply with the statute of limitations regarding a Ferris Township personal property tax assessment dispute.

During the township board’s meeting on Tuesday, Supervisor Randy Sterns reported that Osborn filed an appeal with the state on Monday.

W. B. Osborn ‘failed to comply with the statute of limitations’

Michigan Tax Tribunal dismisses Texas oil/gas company’s claim against Ferris Township

The Michigan Tax Tribunal has dismissed W. B. Osborn’s claim against Ferris Township, ruling that the Texas oil and gas company failed to comply with the statute of limitations.

The order granting summary judgment was entered on March 4 by Steven Bieda, the presiding judge over the case.