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STEVE MERREN: Come one, come all

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Through the years, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of outdoors enthusiasts both come and go, but one thing is for sure — once an addict of the outdoors, always an addict of the outdoors. 

STEVE MERREN: Weathering the storm

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Every year the residents of mid-Michigan approach Christmas wondering if it will be a white one — well, it certainly looks like this year will not only be white but white and heavy. 

In the many years of my landscaping career, I learned some excellent tricks for combating heavy snow falls even when plowing or snow blowing isn’t an option.  This week, instead of talking about the wildlife or the wilderness — I’m going to pass along some of that knowledge.

STEVE MERREN: Kayaking through the snowy wonderland

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While the main focus of this time of year may be hunting, that is a long shot from the only thing to do for the avid outdoor enthusiasts out there. 

STEVE MERREN: Know your bad guys: Part 3

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For the past few weeks, I’ve been on a quest to shed some light on the “bad guys” of the Michigan landscape. 

STEVE MERREN: The sweet song of spring

Washing away the remaining shadowed pockets of winter, the first rains of spring usher in a rejuvenation of the landscape and everything held within. 

STEVE MERREN: What once was

The feet beneath me have trekked more miles of Michigan than can be counted, below those feet is the earth that has changed so dramatically in so little time that it would be nearly unrecognizable a hundred years ago.