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Maple Valley Township supervisor files motion to waive jury trial on Open Meetings Act charge

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John Schwandt wants judge to reach a verdict at trial instead

The Maple Valley Township supervisor charged with an Open Meetings Act violation is requesting that a judge decide his fate at trial instead of a jury.

John Schwandt of Trufant was in Montcalm County District Court on Monday for a motion hearing with his attorney, George “Pete” Frye, who filed a written waiver of jury on behalf of Schwandt.

Jury finds in favor of Maple Valley Township in veterans memorial park lawsuit

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A veterans memorial park in honor of those who served in World War II has stood in Trufant since 1944 and will continue for another two decades.

A Montcalm County jury on Friday found that Maple Valley Township did not violate a lease agreement as claimed by Kenneth and Ann Miller who live next to the park. The one-day trial took place at the start of Memorial Day weekend, a coincidence that did not go unnoticed by township attorney Jourdan Rasmussen of Lakeview.

PUBLIC FORUM: Return to feudalism must be stopped

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Dear Editor,

In the sixth century BC, Athens had one of the earliest examples of a functioning democratic form of government. They used a pebble system where the men of the city would drop a white or black pebble into an urn for a yes or no vote. 

Maple Valley Township Board tables wind ordinance

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The Maple Valley Township Board tabled a proposed wind ordinance Monday, followed by nearly an hour of passionate public comments.

The township’s Planning Commission in April recommended the ordinance to the township board.

Maple Valley Township supervisor taking OMA allegation to trial

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John Schwandt facing one challenger in November recall election

The Maple Valley Township supervisor charged with an Open Meetings Act violation is taking the matter to trial.

John Schwandt of Trufant was in Montcalm County District Court on Tuesday morning for a pre-trial conference with his attorney, George “Pete” Frye. The matter is now going to trial, although a date has not yet been scheduled, according to the court office.

Montcalm County Planning Commission praises Winfield Township wind ordinance, recommends changes to Maple Valley Township ordinance

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Members of the Montcalm County Planning Commission praised a wind energy ordinance drafted for Winfield Township, even though a voter referendum effort will likely begin the moment the ordinance is approved.

The county Planning Commission, which met on Monday to review draft wind ordinances for both Winfield and Maple Valley townships, reviews township ordinances in an advisory capacity only and provides feedback to those townships.

Recall signatures approved against Maple Valley Township supervisor charged with OMA violation

The Maple Valley Township supervisor charged with violating the Open Meetings Act waived his arraignment in court on Tuesday, even as recall signatures filed against him were approved.

John Schwandt filed papers waiving his arraignment in Montcalm County District Court and is now scheduled for a pre-trial hearing at 10 a.m. on May 10. No paperwork was filed in court showing that Schwandt has retained an attorney in the matter.

Maple Valley Township supervisor facing recall is charged with violating Open Meetings Act

John Schwandt summoned to appear in Montcalm County District Court

The Maple Valley Township supervisor, who is facing a possible recall, is now charged with violating the Open Meetings Act and must appear in court.

John Schwandt adjourned a township board meeting in the middle of public comment despite protests from audience members on Oct. 11, 2021.

‘There has to be some give and take’

Maple Valley Twp. Planning Commission recommends wind ordinance approval amid chaotic meeting

A township where owners of nearly 10,000 acres of land are on board with a proposed wind energy project saw its proposed ordinance take a step forward last week.

The Maple Valley Township Planning Commission voted 5-1 to recommend its wind ordinance to the township board last Thursday. The Montcalm County Planning Commission will review the ordinance and offer feedback before it goes to the township board for a vote.

Maple Valley Township residents make multiple votes at annual meeting

Township residents took advantage of a chance to cast ballots at Saturday’s annual meeting.

Maple Valley Township residents voted to reduce proposed legal fees, to budget money for a cleanup day and to look into selling the old Trufant bus garage. Residents also voted to require all township officials who are being paid to attend the township’s annual meeting. Because Maple Valley Township has an annual meeting format once a year, residents are allowed to vote on certain items.