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MAUREEN BURNS: A role model on kindness

I am saddened by the death of Lena Meijer, my oldest friend at 102.

What a fine woman she was. One day I wrote her a note inviting her to a tea group I’d started in Grand Rapids. It consisted of several of my friends that didn’t know each other before. Soon we bonded into a group that had tea together for nearly 30 years. I told Lena about it, said we didn’t want anything from her (I was sure many did) and she quickly joined and brought her best friend. We celebrated her 95th and 100th. She hosted several and even Fred attended one.  

‘Hometown girl’: Montcalm County’s Lena Rader Meijer dies at age 102


Lena Rader Meijer, who grew up on a farm near Amble, went to school in Lakeview, married retail entrepreneur Fred Meijer and was a longtime member of the Meijer Board of Directors, died on Saturday at the age of 102.