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GUEST VIEW: Unsustainable, unaffordable energy proposals unveiled in Lansing

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For nearly a decade, Republican leadership in Lansing prioritized fiscal responsibility and a strong state economy. In the first few months of the new legislative session, the new Democratic majorities have reverted back to the old playbook used by former Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

GUEST VIEW: Working for Michigan families

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As the congressman for Michigan’s Second Congressional District, it is an honor to represent Michiganders in all or part of 20 counties. When the new Congress began in January, I got to work, continuing my efforts to improve the lives of Michigan families and seniors.

GUEST VIEW: Michigan public mental health care is seriously understaffed — we can change that

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Michigan residents with mental illnesses, developmental disabilities or substance use disorders rely on more than 100,000 mental health clinicians and direct support professionals — staff of the state’s comprehensive public mental health system — for recovery and the ability to live a full life.

GUEST VIEW: Tax foreclosure: Who’s really making profit?

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Recent headlines accusing county treasurers of illegally profiting from tax foreclosures couldn’t be further from the truth. Inaccurate and sensationalized, a few resourceful Michigan lawyers are seeking large class action contingency fees by generating lawsuits and news that confuses the public, costs taxpayers needless legal expense, and discourages those who need help from contacting their most helpful public official — that is, their county treasurer.

GUEST VIEW: Let’s clear out the clouds in Michigan

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Once again, Michiganders wait for the sun to shine in Michigan. At the same time, we wait for the sun to shine on our local and state government.

Overall, the Great Lakes State has consistently maintained a failing score for integrity from the Center for Public Integrity. This is based largely on our lack of transparency in government, especially at the state level.

GUEST VIEW: Mass shooting coverage shows crucial role of student journalists

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When the horrendous shooting occurred on the Michigan State University campus, student journalists rushed in to cover the tragedy, its impact on the university and community, the investigation and university security.

Their reporting and photos about the Feb. 13 attack that killed three students and seriously wounded five others has appeared prominently in local and national media.

GUEST VIEW: Wind farm issue will soon be resolved

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After reading Don Smucker’s analysis of Montcalm County’s green energy conflict in the Jan. 21 Daily News, I am also very concerned — but for a different reason. The wind ordinance issue will be resolved, but I am concerned some people in our society hold democracy in such contempt.

GUEST VIEW: Please, State of Michigan, Montcalm County needs your help

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This new year of 2023 blew right in to Montcalm County with big changes with many our township elected officials. Depending on which side of the green energy conflict you support, you are either very delighted or deeply concerned.

I for one am very concerned.

GUEST VIEW: Delivering results for families, workers

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As 2022 ended and my fourth year serving as a state representative comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on how grateful I am for the privilege to serve. I am so thankful for the people who put their trust in me to be their voice in state government and make sure their interests are represented at the Capitol.

GUEST VIEW: The happiest people in the world

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I taught school for 30-plus years before retiring in 2021.

I started substitute teaching because I missed the kids and then I was asked to take over a moderately cognitively impaired classroom, or MoCI, at Union High School in Grand Rapids.