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GUEST VIEW: If Congress does nothing again, brace yourselves for the next school shooting

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On Memorial Day, we mourned for the servicemen and women lost defending our country. But today, most of all, I mourn for the children of Uvalde, Texas. I mourn for their classmates, teachers, and parents. Last Tuesday was a day every parent prays will never occur in their community. Unfortunately, over the past 23 years, this awful reality show has played out too many times—from Columbine to Sandy Hook, Parkland, Oxford, Virginia Tech and more. Innocent young people have been gunned down while simply going to school.

GUEST VIEW: To do my part in May for Mental Health Awareness Month …

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Very agitated this afternoon and realized I had forgotten to take my meds this morning. Two anti-depressants and one mood stabilizer.

I took them immediately but it was too late. I knew what would happen. Went to my studio and tried to work. One broken glass bead, jump rings I couldn’t close, and a badly adhered crimp cover I could not replace, and the almost finished bracelet I madly cut in half is the perfect experience to share.

GUEST VIEW: A time to understand crime victims rights

Since 1981, April has marked the annual recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. Each year, communities across the country revisit the history of the victims’ rights movement, celebrate the progress made, and recommit to further advancements in the crime victim’s field.

GUEST VIEW: Parents are more concerned than ever about their kids’ schools

I read the April 12 Guest View in the Daily News (“Michigan schools aren’t failing our kids, but divisive politicians are” by Forest Hills Public Schools parent Becky Olson) blaming politicians for getting too involved in Michigan’s education system, and I felt like I should weigh in. Hundreds of local parents have reached out to my office with concerns, questions, and suggestions, and we have learned a lot about what needs to be done.

GUEST VIEW: Communities working together can curb child abuse

Each April, during National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we recognize the importance of communities working together to prevent child maltreatment by helping families thrive.

GUEST VIEW: With rising prices, families can’t afford to Build Back Better

Michiganders are resilient and they know how to get through tough times, but right now, prices are rising at the fastest rate in nearly 40 years and that is hurting Michigan families and seniors.

Before March 2020, the economy was growing, unemployment was near record lows, inflation was almost non-existent, and wages were rising. Now, after almost one year of President Joe Biden’s policies, inflation is soaring, and there are still 265,000 fewer Michiganders employed than before the start of the pandemic.

GUEST VIEW: Improving options for those who need help

With the onset of the pandemic and related stresses — and even prior to the pandemic — mental health has risen to be a top priority for many.

There’s been a number of discussions surrounding the criminal justice system’s response to those who are struggling with mental illness. Michigan joined this conversation early on and just recently took a major step toward adopting modern, more effective solutions to address mental health issues in the state — specifically within the criminal justice system.

GUEST VIEW: Car insurance refund checks are being issued too soon

By the middle of next year, families throughout Michigan will be receiving a $400 check for each vehicle they had insured in Michigan as of Oct. 31, 2021. The refund comes following reforms made to the state’s no-fault auto insurance laws in 2019. 

While I want to see families continue to benefit from the changes to our laws, I worry the rush to issue this refund could have serious consequences for people living with severe injuries from catastrophic car accidents.

GUEST VIEW: Using their own propaganda

In Dan Paris’ Guest View in the Jan. 8 issue of the Daily News, Paris wrote how Hitler used propaganda, which is true, but he failed to mention how he used infrasound too.

Webster’s Dictionary defines infrasonic or infrasound as 1. Having or relating to a frequency below the audibility range of the human ear. 2. Utilizing or produced by infrasonic waves or vibrations. Infrasound is especially dangerous due to its strong vibrations or oscillations.

GUEST VIEW: Preparing for Jesus at Christmas

Everywhere you look you see it. Everywhere you go you find it. Every newspaper and TV station advertises it. It is on the radio and decorated all over town. Everyone knows that Christmas is coming soon. It doesn’t take much to figure out that something exciting is about to happen. Something amazing is about to take place.