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TEN QUESTIONS: ‘Geek at heart’

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Who are you? Steve Schofield, 1987 Greenville grad, married my high school sweetheart Cindy, lifelong Greenville resident. My full-time job is cybersecurity analyst at Amway (15 years). I am also a part-time adjunct teacher at Montcalm Community College (MCC) and a community volunteer.

‘Night to shine’

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100+ special needs adults and children treated to ‘best prom ever’ at Greenville Community Church

Dancing to song after song with what appeared to be an endless amount of energy with friends, Megan Hawkins, 20, was having the time of her life Friday evening. 

Attending the inaugural Tim Tebow Foundation “Night to Shine” event at Greenville Community Church, which provides a prom-like experience for special needs children and adults, Hawkins and her peers found it hard to believe at times that the night was just for them. 

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