GRACE FOWLER: Otis, down on the farm

Our youngest dog, Otis, seems to think that rolling in poop makes him smell amazing.

We spent Christmas on a farm (no farm animals) and I was looking forward to being able to let him run around off leash to burn off his puppy energy. The first day we were there, he frolicked around for about an hour and then came up to me with a big brown streak on one side of his body.

GRACE FOWLER: Let the sunshine in

This past weekend really started to feel like the beginning of spring.

Our daffodil bulbs are peeking their way out of the ground, our dogs lay in our yard sunbathing and we had the windows open to air out the house. It wasn’t exactly shorts and T-shirt weather but compared to “feels like negative 10,” 45 degrees was good enough for me.