glenkerry golf course

Glenkerry chosen as MCC’s home golf course

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Glenkerry Golf Course in Greenville will be home to Montcalm Community College’s golf team.

MCC Athletic Director Hunter Redman said the course was selected because its features and location fit well within the college’s golf program.

Museum’s 50th Anniversary Golf Outing set for June 25

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Golfers are needed to join in the fun at the Flat River Historical Society’s Golf Outing on June 25.  It’s the 50-year anniversary of their museum, so lots of food and prizes are being supplied by a generous group of supporters, including the main event sponsor, Crandall Office Equipment. Sign up as soon as possible to join in the celebration.

Winter Wonderland

Glenkerry Golf Course now open for winter activities

With a blanket of fresh snow covering every fairway and green and freezing winds whipping around each bunker and tee, the days of hot, summer golf outings at Glenkerry Golf Course serve as but a distant memory in the current frozen tundra of January. 

However, for owner Ryan Lothian, the acres of white powder that have overtaken his golf course have created a new use for his property, leaving winter sports enthusiasts ready and excited to embrace the cold.