HOME: Splitting up is easy to do

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Knowing the basics of splitting plants can help overcome fear of killing them in the process

People in their late 40s, like me, most likely know themselves pretty well by now. They know their skills of everyday life, what they are good at and and what they are not. 

When it comes to a project like splitting a plant, however, I actually don’t know how my skillset is. 

SPRING HOME AND GARDEN: Growing food and kids’ minds

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For many parents, getting your child to do anything is a process.

First, you ask nicely. Second, you again ask nicely. Third, you ask nicely once more, but in a louder volume. After that, well, let’s just hope the kids respond by that point because I don’t really know how loud anyone gets to at that point.

SPRING HOME AND GARDEN: Greenville experts offer tips and tricks for beginning gardeners

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How many times have you driven past a house and noticed the absolutely gorgeous landscaping with a variety of lusciously colored plants laid out in an eye-catching array, and assumed it must have been the work of a team of professional gardeners?

Then one day you drive by and realize it was all the work of one little old lady.

ELISABETH WALDON: Gardening and faith

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Growing a garden takes faith.

As my daughters and I press spotted foxglove and snapdragon seeds – which appear little more than crumbs of dust — into the soil of a gardening tray, we try to envision how they will grow into tall stalks of showy flowers.


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Who are you? Elisabeth Waldon, 44, Howard City/Winfield Township. Mother of two. Proud homeschool dork. Oldest of the seven legendary Waldon siblings. News editor of your favorite hometown newspaper.

MELINDA MYERS: Boost your indoor garden’s beauty

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Whether your indoor garden has outgrown its location or you are looking to expand your garden, a bit of pinching, pruning or propagating may be the answer. Grooming houseplants keeps your indoor garden looking its best and plants contained to the available space. You can use some of the trimmings to start new plants.

Phlox adds color, pollinator appeal to the garden all season long

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Fill your gardens with color from spring through summer and even into fall with a variety of pollinator-friendly phlox. The beauty, diversity, and usefulness in the garden of this group of plants had the National Garden Bureau declare 2022 Year of the Phlox.

Journey into gardening

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Diana Farran | Greenville Garden Club

When I was young, living in an apartment in a large city, and constantly busy, it never occurred to me that one day I would join a garden club, or even attempt gardening at all. Now that I have, I can’t imagine not having gardening and other gardeners in my life.

Enlist nature’s help for managing garden pests

Put away the harsh chemicals and work in concert with nature to manage pests in the garden. Create an inviting habitat for nature’s pest controllers to enlist their help with your gardening efforts.

Lady beetles, praying mantis and other beneficial insects feed on damaging pests like aphids. Just tolerate a bit of damage and wait for the good guys to move in and clean up the problem.

Tips for your vegetable garden

Sun is important for almost any vegetable garden. Pick a space that gets six to eight hours of direct sunlight a day. We suggest planting leafy greens such as lettuce, in shady areas. Beyond sun exposure, be sure that your garden has easy access to water. Also, due to the risk of erosion, do not plant it on a hill.