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Celebrating Sandy

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Greenville community celebrates iconic Meijer pony’s 60th birthday

For decades, a shopping trip to one’s local Meijer has not been complete for many children without going for a ride on one of the store’s most iconic features — Sandy the pony. 

Originally making her debut 60 years ago in 1962 at the first “big” Meijer store in Grand Rapids, the animatronic pony soon became a staple of the franchise, providing an exciting ride for children in every store at the cost of a mere penny. 

‘Powerhouse museum’ in a small town

Flat River Museum celebrating 50th anniversary

Nearly 50 years ago as an 11-year-old boy, Mike Stafford attended what most children might have considered to be a boring, uninteresting visit with local historians. 

Mike had been brought by his mother, Linda Stafford, to a meeting of the newly-established Flat River Historical Society, as the organization moved forward with its goal to solidify and promote the rich history the Greenville area had to offer.