Montcalm County voters overwhelmingly approve 911 surcharge renewal and increase

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New $3 monthly rate will be implemented on July 1, 2024

The voters of Montcalm County resoundingly approved a surcharge renewal and a slight increase on Tuesday which will continue to fund Montcalm County Central Dispatch for an additional five years. 

During Tuesday’s special election, a request to renew the $2.85 monthly 911 surcharge on phone devices and increase the rate to $3 per month was approved with 5,451 “yes” votes to 1,314 “no” votes — or nearly 81% to 19% — with a voter turnout rate of 13.56%.

Montcalm County Central Dispatch surcharge renewal, increase on May 2 ballot 

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Earlier this year, as a large ice storm brought much of Montcalm County’s communities to a crawl, one agency was as busy as it has ever been, answering emergency calls left and right. 

On Feb. 27, dispatchers at Montcalm County Central Dispatch answered more than 231 calls for downed power lines over a period of 21 hours, dispatching fire departments to every corner of the county to keep communities safe. 

3 Cato Township Board members facing recall effort on May 2

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Three members of the Cato Township Board are facing a recall attempt in a special election one week from today.

Supervisor Larry Gilbert is being challenged by Brandi Clark-Hubbard, Clerk Todd Lincoln is being challenged by Genevieve “Genny” Towne and Trustee Jourdan Lindsey is being challenged by Marcia “Marcy” Myers in a recall election driven in part by the three township board members’ votes on a wind energy ordinance last August, among other factors.

Keene Township supervisor, treasurer facing recall effort on May 2

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The Keene Township Board supervisor and treasurer are facing a recall attempt in a special election one week from today.

Supervisor Robert Simpson is being challenged by Bob Schafer, while Treasurer Kara Albert is being challenged by both Deputy Clerk Denise Oesch and resident Taylor Lewis in a recall election driven by an ongoing local debate about solar energy projects.

Pewamo-Westphalia voters to decide fate of $17.6 million school bond

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Voters in the Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools district will decide the fate of a $17.6 million bond proposal one week from today.

If approved, the funds will be used to make needed upgrades and improvements to buildings in the school district which is located in portions of Ionia and Clinton counties.

‘There is no issue here’

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City officials defend election results and voter roll information following allegations of ‘corrupt’ election from city resident

City officials are defending the work of election workers and the accuracy of voter rolls following allegations from a resident that the city ran a “corrupt” special election in May 2022. 

During the Jan. 3 meeting of the Greenville City Council, Jerry Fennell, a member of the Greenville Downtown Development Authority, voiced concerns which he originally brought before the board last September. 

‘The process works’

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Montcalm, Ionia county election accuracy affirmed amid statewide recount

A statewide partial recount of ballots regarding abortion and voting proposals approved by Michigan voters in November confirmed that the election process works in Montcalm and Ionia counties.

“One hundred percent accurate,” Montcalm County Clerk Kristen Millard told the Daily News after helping oversee Wednesday’s recount of Ionia, Montcalm, Eaton and Clinton counties held in the Clinton County Board of Commissioners room in St. Johns.

Crystal Township precinct delegate alleges statewide election fraud, but faces questions about her own primary residency

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 Kodeen Reyne Sowers lambasted the Michigan Board of Canvassers on Monday over what she claims was a fraudulent election on Nov. 8.

Sowers, 59, was elected as a precinct delegate for Crystal Township in the August primary election. Even as Sowers is alleging statewide election fraud, her own claimed primary residency in Crystal Township is in question.