drain commission

Montcalm County board approves Drain Commission promotion/hire, union contracts, ARPA money distribution

The Montcalm County Board of Commissioners approved multiple union contracts, distribution of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds and Drain Commission Office personnel changes during Monday’s full board meeting.

All nine county commissioners were present: Chairman Patrick Q. Carr of Cato Township, Vice Chairman Adam Petersen of Montcalm Township and commissioners Ron Baker of Howard City, Mike Beach of Carson City, Kathy Bresnahan of Pine Township, Chris Johnston of Crystal Township, Phil Kohn of Edmore, Jeremy Miller of Greenville and Scott Painter of Greenville.

All clogged up

Pierson Township Board deadlocks on accepting county’s audit of Big, Little Whitefish lakes

The Pierson Township Board in three deadlocked votes failed to approve accepting an audit of Big and Little Whitefish Lake records, despite multiple audience members begging them to accept the compromise and move on.

Audit shows nearly $1 million misallocated at Montcalm County Drain Commission

An audit of Montcalm County Drain Commission records has shown nearly $1 million was misallocated over a good portion of the last decade.

During the April 12 meeting of the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners, Drain Commissioner Todd Sattler reported that a total of $817,000 was misallocated in lake and sewer funds. He emphasized that all of the money in question has now been accounted for and the drain office has since implemented safeguards to makes sure this situation doesn’t happen again.

Pierson Township officials prepare to take over lake sewer systems

Montcalm County officials hoping to help transition

As Pierson Township officials prepare to take over the Big and Little Whitefish lake sewer system from the Montcalm County Drain Commission, county officials in turn are hoping to make the transition a positive one.

In need of a new shop

Montcalm County drain commissioner, emergency director propose shared facility

Montcalm County Emergency Services was planning to build a storage addition onto the county’s ambulance building this year with $250,000 budgeted from the emergency department’s special enterprise fund.

Meanwhile, the drain commissioner has been looking for a place to house and work on heavy equipment.