Douglass Township

Montcalm County Planning Commission members unhappy with lack of township unity

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Some members of the Montcalm County Planning Commission are growing weary of reviewing draft township ordinances and hearing public comment on the matter — if indeed a township even bothers to provide them with a draft in the first place.

The ongoing wind and solar controversy appear to have become the final straw for county planners, but the issue goes back even further and stems from a lack of participation from some townships.

Summer of recalls

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Signatures filed for Douglass Twp. recall, petitions filed to recall board members in Belding, Keene Twp.

This year will be remembered for the slew of recall efforts against officials in Ionia and Montcalm counties on a variety of topics ranging from wind and solar energy to budget issues to wastewater treatment.

Douglass Township man ordered to leave meeting

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Questions arise about vehicles, dead cats

The Douglass Township Planning Commission meeting had only been underway for a few minutes Wednesday evening when a verbal altercation resulted in a man being ordered to leave.

Douglass Township Planning Commission advances 2 wind ordinances

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The Douglass Township Planning Commission is recommending the township board approve two wind energy ordinances — a newly created one, plus one from 2017 that was never properly noticed or adopted — as well as recommending the board vote to rescind the 2017 ordinance altogether.

The three votes came during a chaotic meeting Wednesday at which a man was ordered to leave the meeting after an outburst, a Planning Commission member was ordered to leave the table due to a conflict of interest, questions were raised about the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meetings Act (OMA) — and that was just in the first half-hour.

3 Douglass Township Board members sign letter as recall looms

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The Patriots for Montcalm group funded and mailed out a letter which was signed by the Douglass Township supervisor, clerk and trustee who are all facing a possible recall.

The letter was discussed at length during Wednesday evening’s Douglass Township Board meeting by residents who say the document makes it clear where the township board stands on the wind energy issue.

Douglass Twp. planner resigns after comments about wind turbines, communication towers

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A Douglass Township planning commissioner has resigned after making statements at a meeting last week about wind turbines interfering with communication towers.

Todd Wells confirmed with the Daily News on Tuesday that he resigned from the Planning Commission on Monday after serving for 20 years. He told the Daily News he resigned “partly because your article was my final straw.”

Ill communication?

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Douglass Township planning commissioner claims about wind turbines and communication towers disputed by local internet provider

A Douglass Township planning commissioner in a lengthy public statement on Wednesday claimed he’s had conversations with CMS Internet and Point Broadband employees and people in Gratiot and Isabella counties who say that wind turbines negatively affect communications towers and thus cell phone and internet service.

‘Just a guy trying to build a park’

Stanton city manager gathering support for Veterans Memorial Park project

Jake VanBoxel attended Wednesday’s Douglass Township Board meeting to provide a Veterans Memorial Park update to the board.

The Stanton city manager didn’t expect such a large audience to be in attendance — the township hall was full of people from inside and outside the township, as well as the chairman of the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners plus a Montcalm County sheriff’s deputy.

Douglass Township Board members say fault of Google Drive edit incident ‘inconclusive’

An attorney for four Douglass Township Board members read aloud a retraction and apology letter on Wednesday. The letter was previously filed with the Montcalm County Election Commission.

Supervisor Terry Anderson, Clerk Ronda Snyder, Treasurer Amy Laper and Trustee Tom Jeppesen all signed the retraction letter regarding allegations they made against Cindy Shick, whom the township board ousted from the Planning Commission in January.

‘We can referendum this for 1,000 years’

Attorney: Douglass Township can fall back on never-published, improperly noticed 2017 wind ordinance

The township’s attorney is proposing the adoption of a two-part ordinance for the township to fall back on if a pending new wind energy ordinance goes to a voter referendum.

During Wednesday’s Douglass Township Planning Commission meeting, attorney Ron Redick suggested the township approve a bifurcated ordinance to include portions of the township’s 2017 wind ordinance — an ordinance that was improperly noticed and never published.