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TIM SKUBICK: DeSantis for president?

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Political leadership is all about doing what you think is the right thing to do and not worry about the next election.

There are 16 GOP legislators who apparently never read that savvy advice from former Gov. Bill Milliken or they read it and ignored it.

Tim Skubick
Tim Skubick

Ionia County Republican Party shakeup

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County GOP to have new leadership

The Ionia County Republican Party is seeing a turnover in leadership in the wake of the Aug. 2 primary election results — including the likely appointment of a 2020 presidential election skeptic.

Ionia County Commissioner Georgia Sharp of Portland Township, a three-term incumbent and the current chairwoman of the county’s important Personnel Committee, was ousted as commissioner in the primary to Terence Frewen of Danby Township, a fellow Republican, by 711 votes to 410 votes.

TIM SKUBICK: Should Gov. Whitmer pick this fight?

Author and national political correspondent David Drucker took a year, but he finally got a sit down with former President Donald Trump for a book he was writing on the upcoming 2024 race for president “In Trump’s Shadow.”

And here are two of his major takeaways from the chat.