Dancing with the stars

Dancing with Local Stars exceeds expectations, raises more than $30,000 for mental health

With each step on stage, with each open turn, free spin, kick ball change and box step, Miranda Haywood-Curry watched in awe as community members put their skills to the test in the inaugural “Dancing with the Local Stars” competition Saturday evening.

With nine local “stars” each paired with a professional dancer, efforts made over weeks of rehearsals were put on full display for what turned out to be a sold-out show at the Greenville Public Schools Performing Arts Center.

CORY SMITH: What have I gotten myself into?

If you’ve already read the story in today’s Daily News accompanying this column, then there’s a little secret you’re already privy to — I’m about to leap as far as I ever have out of my comfort zone. 

On March 12, the “Dancing with the Local Stars” show will come to Greenville at the Greenville Public Schools Performing Arts Center at Greenville High School, and yes, I will be one of those local “stars” participating. 

Dancing with local stars

Proceeds will go toward mental health awareness

Halfway through her fifth-grade year, anxiously counting down the days until summer break, Kenadee Ferguson can recall spending many a day waiting for her favorite event of the year — summer camp.

“For me, that was always really important,” said Ferguson, now 18 and a 2021 graduate of Greenville High School. “I would always go with one of my friends and I know how much things like that meant to me when I was younger.”