Crystal Community Center

Crystal Township Board splits on motion to put Community Center on ballot

Sell it, renovate it, tear it down, reduce the footprint or improve the existing building.

The Crystal Township Board has gone through an iteration of ideas as to what to do with the Community Center over the past several years.

Crystal Township sends more Community Center questions to attorney

In the past month, the Crystal Township Board has received some answers from their attorney regarding the Crystal Community Center and Crystal Lake Head Start.

Following Wednesday’s meeting, the township board is now looking to send some additional questions to the attorney regarding the matter.

Crystal Twp. to consider Community Center millage

Since the beginning of the 2011-2021 fiscal year until present, the Crystal Township Board has spent a total of $492,299.26 on building maintenance for the Crystal Community Center, according to research done by Trustee Roger Martin.

Among those expenditures, $78,355.66 was spent on boiler repair, $99,070.14 on roof repair, $5,935.88 on the gym doors, $3,982.5 on the parking lot, $65,745.39 on miscellaneous items (such as plumbing, electrical, etc.), $2,082.76 on Head Start/EightCAP miscellaneous repairs (phone and internet installation, plumbing repairs, etc.) and $38,331.05 on room renovations for Head Start.

‘Checking all the boxes’

Crystal Township Board to review conceptual designs for Community Center in September

Whether it be to sell the building, tear portions or the entirety of it down or fund various levels of improvements through some sort of taxpayer bond or millage, there have been many, many different iterations of ideas in Crystal Township as to what should be done with the Community Center over the past couple of years.

Crystal looking to bring Kingscott back for Community Center conversation

Hoping to hammer out a formal plan for the Crystal Community Center, the Crystal Township Board is looking to bring Kingscott back to be a part of that conversation.

The township board initially hired Kingscott — an architecture, interior design, engineering and planning firm with offices in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Royal Oak and Chelsea — to help the community begin narrowing down options regarding the Community Center in March 2020.