Coalition of Greater Greenville

Creating a ‘culture of security’

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MCC demonstrates importance of cyber security as threats evolve with technology

More than a decade ago, as students and faculty went about their daily routines of studying and instructing at Montcalm Community College, the college found itself dealing with a threat that spread across the Sidney campus — an internet security breach. 

Speaking at the May 18 meeting of the Coalition of Greater Greenville hosted by the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce, MCC Director of Information Technology David Kohn and MCC Director of Instructional Innovation Kevin Wagenmaker said that moment was a turning point for the college in terms of focusing on cyber security. 

‘Building more than homes’

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Habitat for Humanity aims to assist communities with economic development 

Standing before a handful of community representatives, Michael Adams shrugged off whatever pre-arranged presentation he could pick from when speaking at the monthly Coalition of Greater Greenville meeting. 

In his years as the executive director of Montcalm County Habitat for Humanity, Adams has delivered dozens of presentations ranging from updates on current housing projects, stories on families who have been selected for “Forever Homes,” to the success of the Restore facility in Greenville. 

Collaboration for the community

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Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce seeks to build upon its current offerings and events

Since taking over as the executive director of the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce one year ago, Paul Sischo has attempted to navigate through an uncharted river.

With a paddle on one side made of tradition and experience and the other of contemplation and progress, Sischo has used a specific approach in his efforts to celebrate traditional Chamber events and obligations while seeking new and innovative ways to build upon them. 

‘Motivating voice’ toward employment 

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West Michigan Works continues efforts to assist both job-seekers and employers

From an unemployed worker seeing a well-paying job to an employer struggling to find reliable workers, West Michigan Works continues to answer the call across the spectrum for job-seekers and companies alike. 

During the monthly meeting of the Coalition of Greater Greenville on Nov. 17, guest presenters, Talent Solutions Manager Abby Stalker and Business Solutions Representative Brad Sims, both of West Michigan Works, presented an overview of the company’s offerings via its Greenville office at 114 S. Greenville West Dr.

Montcalm Prevention Collaborative continues work toward creating a healthier community

Four years ago, Amy O’Brien received the type of phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

Just one month before her daughter, Megan O’Brien, would graduate from Central Michigan University, Amy received the terrifying news that Megan had been involved in a serious car accident. 

‘Where are the workers?’

Despite increased unemployment benefits keeping workers home, West Michigan Works remains focused on offering employment services, aid to those seeking work

During a presentation at March’s Coalition of Greater Greenville meeting, despite her promotion of numerous resources available to the unemployed at West Michigan Works, Abby Stalker knew a particular question was coming.

Following a lengthy and informative presentation on all that West Michigan Works has to offer in Montcalm and Ionia counties, Roger Coles of Montcalm Community College asked Stalker, a talent solutions manager with West Michigan Works, what many in the Zoom meeting were also wondering— “where are the workers?”