Coalition of Greater Greenville

Montcalm Prevention Collaborative continues work toward creating a healthier community

Four years ago, Amy O’Brien received the type of phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare. 

Just one month before her daughter, Megan O’Brien, would graduate from Central Michigan University, Amy received the terrifying news that Megan had been involved in a serious car accident. 

‘Where are the workers?’

Despite increased unemployment benefits keeping workers home, West Michigan Works remains focused on offering employment services, aid to those seeking work

During a presentation at March’s Coalition of Greater Greenville meeting, despite her promotion of numerous resources available to the unemployed at West Michigan Works, Abby Stalker knew a particular question was coming.

Following a lengthy and informative presentation on all that West Michigan Works has to offer in Montcalm and Ionia counties, Roger Coles of Montcalm Community College asked Stalker, a talent solutions manager with West Michigan Works, what many in the Zoom meeting were also wondering— “where are the workers?”