Edmore author donates book sale proceeds to animal shelters

Lynette Nevills has always loved to write, but for a long time she told herself she didn’t have the time.

That’s until a fluffy orange kitten who nearly died from neglect inspired the Edmore woman not only to write his story, but to share it to raise money for animal shelters in central Michigan and beyond.

More than 40 cats rescued from Greenville home

Greenville Department of Public Safety and Montcalm County Animal Control are investigating incident

More than 40 cats were rescued from a dilapidated home Monday, removed from a residence deemed “not livable for animals, let alone people.”

On Friday, after having spent months attempting to evict tenants who had been failing to pay rent, Amy Tippitt was shocked at the scene she discovered inside her residence at 508 S. Lafayette Street (M-91) in Greenville.