camp greenwood

Keeping the faith

Camp Greenwood campaign aims to buy property from landowner or it will be sold

Be it walking through nature trails surrounded by towering trees, kayaking with friends along the shores of Woodbeck Lake or sharing stories late at night from one bunk to another, Camp Greenwood has long helped create experiences that hundreds of campers will likely never forget. 

Located on the northeast edge of Kent County in Oakfield Township and only a six-mile trip northwest of Greenville, for more than 70 years the Presbyterian camp has transformed individuals by serving as a place to build relationships, preserve nature through education and conservation while providing a setting where campers can encounter God and experience spiritual growth.

2021 is a fresh start at Camp Greenwood

Driving down MacClain Street heading toward Camp Greenwood, a sense of unease comes over you, this being your first time away from your parents for a whole week. The moment you arrive, however, you are greeted by smiling faces. Over the course of the next week, you will face many firsts, find many friends, and overcome many challenges.