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The Saints’ new arm

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Ionia’s Ethan Bowen signs with Aquinas College to continue baseball career

Since he started walking, Ethan Bowen said he’s always had a ball in his hand.

A lifelong love of athletics has seen Bowen wear many jerseys for the Ionia Bulldogs throughout his high school career. Bowen is a member of the varsity football team and was a wrestler for the Bulldogs before deciding to take his skills to the hardwood on the varsity basketball team this season.

Greenville’s Gabby Looney fulfilling dream, continuing softball career at Aquinas 

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Those first steps onto the softball field are meaningful. For some, it’s a chance to play a game with friends. For others, it’s the beginning of a dream. Almost every player jumps over the foul line out of superstition. 

Sometimes, those steps, dreams and superstition intertwine to create a twisted, yet beautiful, reality.