Douglass Township Board members say fault of Google Drive edit incident ‘inconclusive’

An attorney for four Douglass Township Board members read aloud a retraction and apology letter on Wednesday. The letter was previously filed with the Montcalm County Election Commission.

Supervisor Terry Anderson, Clerk Ronda Snyder, Treasurer Amy Laper and Trustee Tom Jeppesen all signed the retraction letter regarding allegations they made against Cindy Shick, whom the township board ousted from the Planning Commission in January.

Montcalm County board chairman issues an apology

The chairman of the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners is issuing a public apology for his role in some of the events that transpired one week ago today in his township.

PUBLIC FORUM: An apology for comments made during wind meeting

This letter is in reference to the Sept. 7 Daily News article “Maple Valley Township public comment devolves into name-calling.”

I am referring to my comment I made to Mrs. Kellie Jeppesen. I want to take this time to apologize to Mrs. Jeppesen.