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Maple Valley Township residents vote on budget, elected official salaries

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About 70 residents of Maple Valley Township in a marathon three-and-a-half-hour meeting on Saturday morning/afternoon made multiple decisions regarding the township budget and the salaries of elected officials.

Michigan’s Public Act 187 of 1988 eliminated the requirement that general law townships hold an annual meeting of the electors. However, if the township board adopts a resolution to hold an annual meeting and has not created a compensation commission, the electors at the annual meeting are authorized to set the salaries of the township supervisor, clerk and treasurer and trustees, according to MCL 41.95.

Maple Valley Township residents vote to table forensic audit for now

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Residents of Maple Valley Township after a lengthy debate voted to table having a forensic audit done on the last five years of township finances until sometime this autumn.

About 70 residents participated in Saturday’s annual meeting, at which the 2023-2024 budget and the salaries of elected officials were also discussed and approved (see accompanying story). At that meeting, township residents approved allocating $20,000 for a potential forensic audit.

Maple Valley Township residents make multiple votes at annual meeting

Township residents took advantage of a chance to cast ballots at Saturday’s annual meeting.

Maple Valley Township residents voted to reduce proposed legal fees, to budget money for a cleanup day and to look into selling the old Trufant bus garage. Residents also voted to require all township officials who are being paid to attend the township’s annual meeting. Because Maple Valley Township has an annual meeting format once a year, residents are allowed to vote on certain items.