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AMISH COOK: A favorite for green beans

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Editor’s Note: This week’s column is being written by Jeriah Raber, 26, younger brother of Gloria Yoder.  Gloria will return next week. Hello to all of big sister Gloria’s special friends. It’s an honor to share a few words with you this week. From a brother’s perspective, I want to give each one of you a heartfelt thank you. And […]

AMISH COOK: A bittersweet Mother’s Day

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“Happy Mother’s day!” It was Julia, sleepily walking out of the bedroom holding, Gumdrop, her pet miniature poodle. Snuggling up next to me on the couch, we shared a hug. There were mixed feelings as I thought of the day ahead. Daniel had always been sure to show me how much he appreciated having me mother his children. This year, no Daniel.

AMISH COOK: Gloria takes one day at a time

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This is new. All so new. Yes, in the past, there’s been deaths that caused us to weep, but none that so drastically changed every aspect of life. “Is there any minute of the day that I do not think of my beloved Daniel?” I don’t know.

AMISH COOK: Savor every second

Daniel Yoder, 33, passed away on April 4 from injuries sustained in a logging accident. The tragedy leaves Gloria, who pens the weekly Amish Cook column, to raise six children. Gloria’s church community, family, friends and her deep faith will help see her through, but it will be difficult.

AMISH COOK: A milestone for the Yoders

Note from Kevin Williams, editor of the Amish Cook column: It is with great sadness and shock that I tell readers that Gloria’s husband, Daniel, died in a logging accident on April 4. At the time this column is being sent out, I have little additional information to share. I’ll have more information next week. I know readers will want […]

AMISH COOK: Wedding bustle and bliss at the Yoders

Friday morning was the hustle of last-minute detail; there was mopping the kitchen a final time, getting breakfast for the children, and dressing them in their Sunday best, and of course washing those last fingerprints from the windows. It was an overcast, but beautiful morning for the wedding. By 6:30 a.m. the first buggies and vehicles turned into our driveway […]

AMISH COOK: Amish snowbirds flock to Pinecraft

Daughter Gloria is super busy getting ready for a wedding held in their shop next week. And now, dear little Joshua (1+ years old) is sick, so she has her hands full.

AMISH COOK: Cooking a family affair at the Yoders

Cooking styles come and go in spurts at our house. I enjoy paging through cooking magazines with creative ideas by other cooks, however in the midst of an intense life of homeschooling three and mothering six young children, I rarely have or take the time to make extravagant dishes.

When I dig for new recipes it’s no longer the prettiest creations I go for, but what falls into the category of nutritious and simple and affordable, all in one. Julia certainly is a baker at heart and enjoys trying new recipes in the baking line. There’s a satisfaction I never imagined possible in having a baker grow up right in our midst. With a growing family, consuming mega amounts of food, it’s such a blessing to have her come to me in the afternoon, asking if she could bake something.

AMISH COOK: Breakfast is the whole enchilada

Breakfast menus are on my hit list.

What is better than fresh, steaming pancakes or buttery biscuits straight from the oven topped with sausage gravy? My mom had a breakfast specialty: Gold Rush Brunch, which she would make with layers of scrambled eggs, sausage, cheese sauce and shredded potatoes. Then there were those rare occasions when we children cheered with delight when she made an egg in a nest for each of us. Some morning we had homemade or store boughten cereals. To us, homemade chocolate cake and chopped strawberries were a hit with almost any cereal.

AMISH COOK: Valentine brownie for Valentine’s Day

“The bus is coming! The bus is coming!”

A quick glance down our small gravel road showed that the children were correct. The long-awaited trip had arrived. We were all at the end of the driveway, bundled up for chilly January weather, with six children and luggage in tow.