100 acts of kindness

100 Acts of Kindness: Paying it forward

Wedgwood is a counseling agency in the Substance Use Disorder field, as well as other aspects of counseling services. They share a card with people who come to their offices.

100 Acts of Kindness: The Mermaid Cake

An act of kindness can reach far into the hearts of others. Many times, it is the simplest of gestures that brighten other’s days. And surprising those you think highly of is so much fun.

For example, a co-worker wanted to create a special birthday party for her daughter during the pandemic. The isolation was starting to wear on everyone. Mom wanted this to be very special, filling her daughter’s heart with smiles. Mom’s special surprise included a mermaid cake for the birthday party. We can only assume her daughter loves mermaids. 

100 Acts of Kindness: The Giving Tree

Many years ago, a kind and generous Lakeview Elementary School teacher noticed a child in her class who needed warm clothing. She contacted the child’s parents, to get their permission and sizes, and shopped for the child. She gave the parents the items as Christmas gifts for the child.

100 Acts of Kindness: Sitting with a friend

There are times when you can find yourself in a difficult situation and feel you are alone. It is a blessing when someone steps up to simply be with you.

One day, a person with a few years behind her had a flu vaccine at the local Meijer’s pharmacy. She waited the allotted time afterwards, felt good and went to do some shopping. At the end of the shopping, she was feeling light-headed and not sure she could make it home. 

100 Acts of Kindness: Planting kindness flowers

Like a snowball, once you start the kindness ball rolling, it gets bigger and bigger.

Not in winter, but in early summer this year, I was trying to think of ways to help my sister, who was undergoing chemotherapy for liver cancer. I was inspired to do some gardening at her cottage near us. With her treatment, they had been unable to “open up” the cottage and the yard and stone flower beds around the house and garage had not been mowed or planted.

100 Acts of Kindness: Going the extra mile

As the coronavirus continues to weave its threads through all of our lives, our son-in-law was vaccinated a week ago. He had a bad reaction to the shot, with a fever, chills, a cough and headache. He took naps and went to bed early, each day hoping the after-effect of the vaccination would be gone.

100 Acts of Kindness: Fifth-grade pen pals

In the age of Zoom meetings, texts and emails, many people still appreciate a “snail mail” card or letter. Residents in nursing home facilities in the Ionia and Montcalm area were treated to cheerful cards that contained a poem, colorful artwork and a personal letter from a student, inviting them to be their pen pal.