Community advancement

Montcalm County’s new committee meets for first time

Instead of just planning, creating actual community advancement: That’s the goal of the new Montcalm County Community Advancement Committee, which replaces the county’s now-dissolved Planning Commission.

The committee had its first meeting on Monday, electing Lakeview Village Manager/Police Chief Darin Dood as chairman, Howard City Village Manager Mike Falcon as vice chairman and Montcalm County Controller-Administrator Brenda Taeter as secretary.

Carson City police chief abruptly resigns, citing ‘volatile environment’ as a reason

The city’s police chief has resigned without giving advance notice, citing a “volatile environment” as one of the reasons why.

Craig Schrameck submitted his resignation letter to Carson City officials on Jan. 15, with his resignation effective that same day. He had been the city’s police chief for two and a half years.

Greenville’s own igloo

Greenville’s own igloo

Ionia Cultural Guild aims to enrich community

Newly formed nonprofit creating special events 

The Ionia Cultural Guild (ICG) is a new nonprofit organization that one of the four co-founders described as dedicated simply to “community enrichment.”

“That’s an intentionally broad mission, but it essentially allows us to do whatever it is we want for the community,” explained ICG Chairwoman Ally Cook.

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Upcoming and pending services for Jan. 24, 2024

Upcoming and pending services for Jan. 24, 2024

Wednesday, January 24, 2024