PASTOR COOPER: Follow your heart? 

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What could be more intimate, personal, and expressive to what we essentially are than one’s own heart? We share it, protect it, ponder our thoughts with it, feature it in poetry and above all listen to it.

Candidates up close

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Students, citizens engage with candidates in ‘meet-and-greet’ at Greenville High School

With candidates running in the Nov. 8 election for the school board, county commissioner and statewide races surrounding her in all directions, high school student Sophie Gardner, 16, didn’t waste an opportunity to learn more about her local political landscape. 

During a “meet-and-greet” event Wednesday in which candidates for the the Greenville Public Schools Board of Education, Montcalm County Board of Commissioners and Michigan House and Senate races were on hand at Greenville High School to speak with constituents, the high school junior and several of her peers made sure to make the most of the opportunity. 

TEN QUESTIONS: Library value

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Who are you? Stefanie Reed, 40, library director at Flat River Community Library in Greenville. I grew up in Lowell and currently live in Belding with my two sons and librarian husband (what can I say, we’re that family).

Say goodbye to 35 mph

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MDOT speed study results will see speed on M-57 through city of Greenville increase from 35 mph to 40 mph

Motorists traveling on M-57 through the city of Greenville will soon be able to do so at a higher rate of speed following the results of a speed study performed over the summer. 

During Wednesday’s meeting of the Greater Greenville Transportation Committee, Jason Cole, an assistant operations engineer with the Michigan Department of Transportation, affirmed the results of a speed study.

Michigan Tax Tribunal rules in favor of city of Ionia in library tax dispute

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The Michigan Tax Tribunal this week ruled in favor of the city of Ionia regarding a tax dispute with Ionia Community Library and two former bank properties.

The library filed a petition with the Tax Tribunal on Aug. 9 — exactly one week after Ionia-area voters turned down a library millage request by just 36 votes in the August primary election.

CC-C Eagles travel to Fowler for chance to avenge week-one shutout in tonight’s playoff opener

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It was not a big shock for the Carson City-Crystal football coaching staff and players to see their playoff draw on Sunday night — they had a feeling it was coming.

On Aug. 26, the Eagles walked off of Spicer Field in Fowler with their heads hung following a 29-0 loss. Tonight, they get a chance to walk back on that same field with their heads up and the promise of a fresh start in the playoffs in front of them.

Youth For Christ Montcalm County connects with local youth during triathlon

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Group raises $26,000 for ministry outreach

Life in rural communities can be extremely difficult. 

Compared to people who live in cities, rural areas have less internet access, fewer educational institutions, see more hospitals close and experience less economic growth. For youth who live in these rural communities, it can be incredibly difficult to find connections within a dispersed population.

STEVE MERREN: Enjoying the feast

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There is an old saying among the aging tribe of hunters that I came up with, and it goes a little like this — “Nice bucks are great, but regardless of how long you cook the antlers they never become edible.”

Compassionate care honored with DAISY and BEE Awards

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Greenville Hospital nurses recognized by patients

Two caregivers at Corewell Health Greenville Hospital, formerly Spectrum Health United Hospital, were recognized for compassionate care and nursing excellence at a DAISY and BEE Awards ceremony Oct. 24 at the hospital.

Friday, Oct. 28, 2022