PUBLIC FORUM: An unforgettable and inclusive experience

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The Montcalm County Democratic Party congratulates the Montcalm Youth Prevention Club for putting together an unforgettable and inclusive experience for Greenville High School students.

PUBLIC FORUM: #MoreForMentalHealth to #StopSuicide

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As a volunteer and advocate with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, this month I am asking everyone to join us and demand #MoreForMentalHealth.

After losing a friend to suicide and working in a psychiatric hospital, it became even more clear to me how critical suicide prevention action is.

PUBLIC FORUM: Letter another example of a lack on integrity

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To the Douglass Township Board in reply to the letter you sent to my address through the Patriots for Montcalm. 

I am not part of an anti-renewable energy group, nor is anyone in this township part of that group. I am part of a township coalition working toward protecting Douglass township from the hazards of the big fans.  Please stop portraying us as the bad guys while you play victim. You are not the victims. You are the perpetrators of this community division.

PUBLIC FORUM: Industrial wind turbines … the corruption of zoning

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Industrializing rural counties with commercial wind turbines will deconstruct many aspects of country life, none so obvious as zoning.

Zoning regulation exists to protect us from development infringing on adjacent property rights and values, as well as to preserve the essential nature of our communities by creating zones of like kind areas of development. Effective zoning promotes orderly development, harmonious with the nature of the community as a whole.

GUEST VIEW: To do my part in May for Mental Health Awareness Month …

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Very agitated this afternoon and realized I had forgotten to take my meds this morning. Two anti-depressants and one mood stabilizer.

I took them immediately but it was too late. I knew what would happen. Went to my studio and tried to work. One broken glass bead, jump rings I couldn’t close, and a badly adhered crimp cover I could not replace, and the almost finished bracelet I madly cut in half is the perfect experience to share.

PUBLIC FORUM: Time to put wind issue to rest

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I just finished the story on the “study” put together by the Upjohn Institute. You could say it could be construed as an advertisement for Apex Clean Energy instead of study.

Greenville, Belding, Tri County golf reflect on season, performance at Sparta’s Sparty Cup

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Three area boys golf teams were in action in Kent City on Friday as they ventured out to the Falls at Barber Creek for a uniquely formatted tournament.

Sparta’s annual Sparty Cup pairs golfers by seed with another golfer of that same seed from another school. Greenville golfers were paired with West Catholic, Belding with Sparta and Tri County was paired with Holland.

Montcalm County murder trial plagued with problems

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A Montcalm County murder trial was plagued with problems and delays Thursday and Friday, from a disruption in the courtroom to a scuffle in the parking lot to a juror expressing her fear that someone followed her home that night to the entire jury being questioned for two hours.

Ionia High School principal resigns

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School had cleared him of allegations, but student’s parents request PPO

Two days after an internal investigation cleared the Ionia High School principal of allegations of misconduct related to his monitoring and supervision of students in the high school parking lot, the principal has resigned.

Principal Jonathan Duley submitted his resignation Thursday night effective immediately. A school investigation had cleared him earlier this week, but a personal protection order (PPO) request from a female student’s parents is pending in Ionia County court.

SENSATIONAL SOPHOMORES: Lakeview’s Emma Kosinski balances sports, home relationships as Cats’ top sprinter

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Emma Kosinski leans forward, fingertips from both her hands on the track — waiting for the gun. 

Kosinski clears her mind as seven other girls line up next to her — all now waiting for the gun.