Grateful Hearted volunteers bring cheer to local veterans

In celebration of the new year and to remember our veterans and their service, on Dec. 29, 2021, Grateful Hearted delivered 130 hand-decorated bags that included 130 individual handmade cards. Each bag contained pocket tissue packs, DVDs, cracker snack packs, lip balm, pens, a notebook and playing cards.

MCC hosts Feb. 23 bus trip to see the ‘Stinney’ Opera

Montcalm Community College is hosting a Feb. 23 bus trip to the Peter Martin Wege Theatre in Grand Rapids for a dress rehearsal of the opera “Stinney: An American Execution” by Frances Pollock.

ALEX FREEMAN: Yay or nay on a high school shot clock?

If you’ve been to enough Michigan high school basketball games, you’ll inevitably hear complaints of the game not having a shot clock.

Some people feel really strongly about the topic but I find myself just not caring, actually enjoying the variety that a high school game brings without a shot clock. There’s something about watching an offense work without time constraints that I guess I enjoy.

Internet access tops Ionia Area Chamber of Commerce legislative discussion

Broadband was high on the list of topics discussed at the Ionia Area Chamber of Commerce Legislative Update on Monday morning.

Ionia City Manager Precia Garland reported that the city signed a unilateral METRO (Metropolitan Extension Telecommunication Rights-of-Way Oversight Authority) permit for installation of broadband fiber in Ionia right-of-ways, to begin in the spring. Garland said she was told by Point Broadband, the telecommunications company managing the installation, that it intends to invest $17 million in Ionia County for its fiber build-out.

Prosecutor declines to issue charges against Cato Township planning commissioner

The Montcalm County prosecutor has decided no criminal charges will be issued against a Cato Township planning commissioner related to an incident after a meeting earlier this month.

Cato Township Planning Commissioner Brandi Clark-Hubbard called Montcalm County Central Dispatch the night of Jan. 3 to request that police speak with fellow Planning Commissioner Kim Carr and Kim’s husband, Montcalm County Board of Commissioners Chairman Patrick Q. Carr, after an altercation took place between Pat and Brandi’s husband Matt Hubbard during and after that night’s Cato Township Board meeting.

GRACE FOWLER: Going back to paper

Since graduating college, I have ditched my physical paper planner.

I lived by my planner through school — both high school and college. I wrote down everything — everything I needed to study for, every paper I had to write, every group project meeting and every exam. It took the pressure off of my brain knowing that I had everything written down and I didn’t have to constantly run through the list. I tried having one the first few months after college, but I found that I didn’t use it very often and it became one more thing that took up space in my purse. 

Sen. Outman hopes new incentive programs will retain, bringing new business to Michigan

Reflecting on a previous tour of a manufacturing plant in October, Sen. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, received a wake-up call regarding the importance of the automotive industry in Michigan. 

Having walked through the floors of Greenville Tool & Die, Outman marveled at the output local workers were assembling, the majority of which was related directly to vehicle parts. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Upcoming and pending services for Jan. 25, 2022

Upcoming and pending services for Jan. 25, 2022

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Upcoming sporting events for Jan. 25, 2022