TIM SKUBICK: Bipartisan deal big for Whitmer

That huge sigh of relief you heard from the executive residence was from the governor who has successfully neutralized a political attack that the Republicans were fixin’ to use on her next year.

On Sept. 27, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer confronted an ugly headline story. Ford was building an electric battery plant and it wasn’t in Michigan and even worse, she and her supposedly hotshot economic development team knew squat about it.

AMISH COOK: The Yoders cut out for cookies

Only last week I remarked to Daniel how blessed I am to not have been sick much these last years since we were blessed with more children through foster care and adoption.

You guessed it. Today I am on the tally of sick folks. How is a mom supposed to be sick? I mean, who will do the zillion little things that go unnoticed till Mom doesn’t do it? Then there’s school. First graders, especially require tons of drills. Austin loves learning and does very well with school work, but for his sake and long term perspective, it requires lots of drills.

HOME: Going pro

There are good reasons to hire an experienced Christmas decorator.

I have a long history of falling off roofs. Also ladders. Step stools. Stairs. If it’s elevated above ground level, I can fall from it.

PUBLIC FORUM: Police call an overreaction

In all fairness, I felt another eyewitness account of the Dec. 20 Pine Township Planning Commission meeting was needed.

Our very way of life is being threatened by a deceitful out of state corporation. We citizens are trying to protect our environment and our health in the face of a powerful corporation with unlimited funds and no moral code. It is frustrating to be lied to and bullied and have our elected officials consistently side with the bully.

More than a food truck

Detroit's Original Coney Island owner William Drake feeling ‘loved and supported’ after early success of food truck in Greenville

As William Drake opened the customer window of his food truck for the start of business more than a month ago, the Comstock Park resident didn’t know what to expect while sitting in the parking lot of Tractor Supply Company in Eureka Township.

STEVE MERREN: Christmas colors underwater

It’s hard to believe that we are almost through 2021.

But here we are on the cusp of 2022 and with it, another round of fantastic outdoor adventures. While the days may be short and cold, they can also get the blood flowing warm in no time flat. When winter finally sinks its teeth into the Michigan landscape and the lakes freeze over, a day on the lake takes on a whole new meaning.

Sweet P Vintage & Co celebrates opening with ribbon-cutting ceremony

The search for finding appealing decor to fill one’s home with can sometimes be a painstakingly and oftentimes overly complicated long one.

Many homeowners have spent hours and hours searching through the aisles of Ikea or other large retail centers in hopes of finding that one perfect chair, shelf, centerpiece or other ornamentation to bring their living room or kitchen to life.

HOME: Raising monarch butterflies

You may be wondering what is the connection between gardening and butterflies?

Butterflies, as well as other animals, are pollinators. They move from flower to flower transferring pollen and assuring that flowers and food continue to grow and live for the next generation.

GUEST VIEW: Preparing for Jesus at Christmas

Everywhere you look you see it. Everywhere you go you find it. Every newspaper and TV station advertises it. It is on the radio and decorated all over town. Everyone knows that Christmas is coming soon. It doesn’t take much to figure out that something exciting is about to happen. Something amazing is about to take place.

Virtual golf league teeing off in Stanton in January

Golf league will raise money for scholarship fund, Central Montcalm’s golf teams

Erik Thomas was a well-known golf pro within the Montcalm County community who could oftentimes be spotted out on the green, whether playing the sport or teaching it to others.

When Thomas passed away in 2018, his family and friends knew they wanted to do something to honor his memory and quickly went about setting up a fund within the Central Montcalm Community Foundation that awards scholarships to students looking to go into golf management.