Take action now for a beautiful garden next spring

“Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up.”

Have you ever heard the little song that the children in daycare sing while picking up their toys? This little ditty gets the children going with enthusiasm, working together and doing the job in a manageable amount of time. This frame of mind can also be applied to the season end of gardening.

Doing it yourself? Expect the unexpected 

Aside from being a journalist, photographer and an on-the-side wedding officiant, when time permits, sometimes I like to throw my hat in the ring toward being a handyman. 

Much to the likely dismay of my girlfriend, the opportunity to swing a hammer or power a drill to complete odd jobs around the house, in effort to save on the cost of hiring a professional, is something I take a little pride in. 

Montcalm County building permits issued this spring and summer

The Montcalm County Building Department issued 239 building permits worth $23.3 million in construction this past spring and summer.

TIM SKUBICK: Gov race will be about Biden vs. Trump again

Assuming that the Donald runs again in 2024, the nation will be treated to another Biden vs. Trump rematch — but if you don’t want to wait two years for that, pull up a chair because Michigan may play host to a battle between those two guys next year.

GUEST VIEW: United Way Montcalm and Ionia Counties helps everyone rebuild

What are the cornerstones of a good life? Health, education, and financial stability. 

With these parts of life securely in place, it is easier for everyone to recover from a setback, rebuild a stronger life and reimagine what’s possible for the future.

PUBLIC FORUM: A great time to celebrate babies

Given the changes everyone has faced over the past year, it is important to remember our most vulnerable population: babies.

Oct. 18-22 is the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health’s Celebrate Babies Week. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period as well as parental mental health. Infants have experienced unprecedented separations from their mothers. Women have delivered their babies without support partners and have isolated from visitors. Toddlers are learning language and facial expressions behind a mask.

MAUREEN BURNS: Wacky warnings

OK, we all know life is hard. We need to pay attention. We need to follow the rules.

However, there are some really goofy rules.

Belding football loses third game in four weeks, Knights fall to Godwin Heights, 42-34

The first month of the football season was very good to Belding — a flawless 4-0 start with a scoring margin of 194 points scored to just 46 allowed.

The second month, however, was quite treacherous for Belding football.

Tri-River Historical Museum Network wins state award

The Tri-River Historical Museum Network was recently awarded the Historical Society of Michigan’s State History Award in the category of Special Programs/Events for its annual “Spring Into the Past” tour of small museums. 

AMISH COOK: When God provides in simple ways

I was working in the kitchen, making lunch when I realized our supply of home-canned chicken was almost all gone.

On homeschooling days I always go for simple menus for lunch. Canned pinto or black beans with onions and chicken have been a hit at our house ever since a friend shared some of hers with us several years ago. Thinking how I’ll miss not having chicken and beans to serve alongside butternut squash or a tossed salad I told God how much I’d enjoy having chicken to can with beans. Since we hadn’t raised our own broilers this year and I didn’t care for the thought of buying hormone injected meat, I wasn’t sure where to find some. Time and again when I thought about it, I just told God that in His time we’d like to have some chicken for the family.